Competition is a program for players who want to take part in there national leagues.
We will focus on the technics and tactics(double) in preparation for the competition.

Tennis is one of the most complex sports in the world. To prevent injurys it is good to learn playertechnics step by step.

This training is especially suitable for groups of players who regularly play a match.
We try to reserve a part of the day every week for mutual matches.
On the beautiful courts of Club del Sol its always nice to spent a part of your holiday.

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Team NL
Competition Team from NL

As you know a tennisplayer must have lot of bagage to become a complete player:

  • Technics(back-/forehand, service, spin, power, slice etc.
  • Material(racket/strings/tension etc.)
  • Court(gravel/grass/concreet/asphalt/tepiche)
  • Fysical(condition, food..)
  • Mental(what are the weaknesses of your opponent..)

In our package Competition lies the Focus on technics, materials and
reading the game.

Together we look what the best practices are to improve your gameplay.
During the training we will of course adapt if necessary. Our goal is that
you get more fun out of tennis and preventng injurys.

One of our principles is that we don’t focus to much one your shortcomings.
Most of the times it is better to improve your game by perfectioning your good strokes.
Never te less we will always try to make your “bad” strokes better.

Competitionteam in preparation!

Importance of tennistechnics

Tennis is one of the most complex sports that exists. To enjoy tennis, a good technique of strokes is essential. Good technology is the most important thing in our training. This prevents you from getting nasty and difficult to heal injuries. The instructions of a professional tennistrainer ensure that you hit the ball at the right time and place. It is fantastic if you hit the ball on the sweet spot of the racket and it fly’s to you opponent at the other side with seemingly little effort.

With our years of experience and specialized training, we improve your technique and ensure that the chance of injuries is reduced to a minimum.

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