ITF – Seniors Competition

ITF – Seniors Competition

Tennis Academy Nikita gives many lessons to players who participate in the ITF – Seniors Competition in Spain.

As you probably know in the Costa del Sol region are a several ITF-Senior tournaments. The ITF Seniors Tour is a global tennis Tour that provides players aged 30 and over with a high quality and enjoyable competitive experience.

Preperation for another ITF-Seniors Competition
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Participation in an ITF-Seniors Competition

When you take lessons at Tennis Academy Nikita I assume that you have a decent tennis level. So it’s mainly about getting rid of small mistakes in your game. After an intake, we draw up a program together in which we mainly concentrate on the details.
First time to take part at a tournament in the region Marbella, please ask me to guide you!

The year 2019 saw 27,500 registered players and 502 tournaments take place across 70 nations. On Club del Sol tennispark in Calahonda are several players who participate in these tournaments. The ambiance between players is very relaxed but all players are competitive and eager to win.

ITF Seniors tournaments range from Grade S1000 (aimed at elite players) to Grade S100 (aimed at recreational level), featuring singles, doubles and mixed doubles events for each five-year age increment from 30+ to 90+.

ITF Senior Competition player takes lessons at Tennis Academy Nikita before a game at the Costa del Sol
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In addition to training on a beautiful complex, Tennis Academy Nikita also offers penthouses with a beautiful view over the Costa.

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