Junior Tennis Academy

Junior Tennis Academy

Young players occupies an important place in our Junior Tennis Academy programs.
To support this, I am therefore specialized in training and guiding young tennis players.
I follow the principle of the Tenniskids.

Tenniskids is a program, of the Dutch tennis association KNLTB, to make
young people up to 12 years old enthusiastic about tennis.

At the Junior Tennis Academy we know that tennis is very important for a child’s development.

During the lessons they learn:

  • Winning, and important Losing
  • Perseverance
  • Muscle strenth
  • Tactical thinking
  • Mental strength
  • Making Social contacts
  • Endurance
  • and much more.

This helps children in their daily lives for now and later!

At the Junior Tennis Academy we mainly focus on the performance part.
Children who participate in this program mainly want to storm the national rankings!

In the meantime, many children have made considerable progress and achieved
very good rankings in their country.

Soul trains every holiday at the Tennis Academy Nikita. He find this very refressend for him.
Talented Soul from Sweden

Because it usually concerns periods during the holidays, we keep in touch
in the meantime and tips are given remotely to get even better.
As a coach it gives me a very good feeling when a kid who trained
by me get results at home and wants to share this.

One of the principles at Tennis Academy Nikita is that we don’t focus
too much on the weaknesses of a player.
Most of the time it is better to improve your game by perfecting your
good strokes. Nevertheless we will always try to make the “bad” strokes
better, and most of the time we are succesfull.