Padel is Booming!

Padel is Booming!

Improve your padel skills!

Padel is Booming! and becoming increasingly popular in Northern Europe. This also shows the research of the Mulier Institute.
Padel is the fastest growing sport in the coming years and has everything to become bigger.

In Spain and other South European countries, padel has been one of the biggest sports in the country for years. The advance to Northern Europe is now in full swing. And that is not surprising, because padel is a sport for all ages, low-threshold, quick to learn and has a social aspect: a nice addition for tennis clubs. Padel is growing and will continue to do so in the coming years, so we see that the number of locations / associations continues to rise. We expect that a lot of tennisclubs will have opted for one or two padel courts within ten years and more and more players will come into contact with this popular sport.

Padel is Booming !
The yearly comebackparty of this enthousiast team from Oss -NL

Go with the padel booming and improve your gameplay!

In addition to tennis, Tennis Academy Nikita has specialized in padel in recent years. Like tennis, padel is a great sport to socialize. On the Costa del Sol you can participate in competitions every day via a digital system.

In recent years, various groups and individuals have taken the first steps or have learned the finer points of this very nice sport. Depending on your wishes and possibilities, we draw up a program to learn the technique step by step. Experience shows that the padel is very addictive.

My ambitious padelplayers!

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Padel is Booming! therefore som important Padel facts:

  • Players: Single use 6x20m instead of the whole court 10x20m.
  • Service: First as well as 2e service must be underhand.
  • Score: Same as tennis.
  • Ball: Look`s like tennisballs but are a bit smaller and the pressure is lower.
  • Padelracket: Massif without strings. perforated.
  • Walls: Glass(part of the game) and wire mesh fencing.
Padel for kids